19 May

Another international award for Write Right.

The 15th-anniversary INTARGĀ® 2022 International Invention and Innovation Show for Inventions and Innovations addressed as intarg.haller.pl was held from 11 to 12 May.
This valued exhibition was held in the Katowice Spodek/international Congress Centre with a simultaneous live broadcast.
The Show provides a forum for showcasing innovations from various industries and fields, common between Write Right and the Show, including education and consumer goods such as books, games, and toys.
This competition awards multiple prizes such as Gold, Silver, Bronze medals, and other special prizes to the winners.
We are so honored and excited to announce that Write Right has succeeded in winning two of the most exciting prizes in this Show, including;  The Gold Medal and The Special Awards Of Haller Pro Inventio Foundation. 
Thanks to the respective jury of Intarg 2022.
Also, thanks to anyone who helped us achieve these precious awards and supported us in our path.