1. What is the best age for using Write Right?

Write Right packages are appropriate for children with 4 to 9 years old.

2. what skills does Write Right boost in children?

Write Right boosts reading and writing skills in children.

3. Is Write Right only offered in physical form?

No, Write Right"s application is in the process to be produced in a very attractive form for children. The application will be ready until the end of January.

4. What makes Write Right different from other learning tools?

Write Right is designed based by new division of English alphabet. This division has been introduced for the first time in the world by Write Right. In fact Write Right is not only a learning tool, but also a learning methodology.

5. How many packages is Write Right consisted of?

Write Right consist 4 packages in addition to one package specialized for children with learning disabilities.

6. Does Write Right only teach alphabets?

No. The first package is specifically devoted for alphabet training and in the following packages words, vocabulary and sentence making is trained.

7. Can English learners use Write Right by themselves?

Yes. The young earners are able to use the educational packages on their own.