Here you can read a report of how the application has been processed and earn more information from the Write Right Game application and its history and development.

Mr. Kharazmi has been the owner of Amel System company, a pioneering company making apps. He has weekly appointments on behalf of our company and reports the outcomes to the board of directors. All the board members have monthly meetings to analyze and solve the upcoming problems. 
The software developer team checked the different parts required for the project with the employer and decided that the software would consist of a Website and a Mobile Application.
All the information related to the “words” and “letters” will be managed and offered on the website, and the application will be designed for teaching children.

Here, the possibility of children’s education on both applications (Write Right one and Write Right 2) was discussed. 
We had several online meetings to decide how many letters the words should contain when teaching dictation to children.
They came up with words having 3,4 and 5 letters; however, the application should be developed with the quality and potential to help support and cover the words with more letters. 
Also, the application crew debated the different steps of the process, the project limitations, and the timing.
The software prototype was designed and offered based on all the issues raised and discussed during these meetings.

In this part, the instruction was given to all the teams involved in the project.
The programmer team, the test team, and the graphics team were briefed on the details and goals of the project. 
Also, the technology required for developing the software was chosen.
After going through multiple meetings and conversations with the employer, the final team members for designing and performing the project were chosen. 
After identifying and analyzing our needs in the previous steps, the system's architecture was provided, describing how the system is designed in this step.
Also, this document will be required as support for the development of the system through the next phase.

Development of Database and Code
After processing the requirements and essentials and following our approval and the System Architecture Designer for the prototype, the application team's implementation began. 
One of the major tasks in this step is to design and develop the information bank of the software.
While designing the information bank, the front- and back-end programmers started to provide the components and classes required for the software.

Writing test Case
According to different scenarios, several test cases were offered.
The expected data, results, conditions, and actions will be arranged based on each Test Case in the following table.
Maintenance & improvement
UI/UX Design
While the developing team designed and executed the software, different cases for the UI were created and given to us. After we choose and approve, one of the cases for the UI, the required UX for the program, will be designed.
The graphic designer provides the essential characters for the scenario.
Alpha Prototype
In the Alpha stage, the alpha version of the website and application was offered to the employer.

The Write Right application is a game where children can play, write English letters and practice learning English.
They can learn a lot about the alphabet, words, sounds, meanings, dictation, and play a game simultaneously.
We have tried to get all the learning processes done through the game. All the training principles of the application resemble the physical package, and the same type of training is used in both types of exercises.
In addition to the physical packages, designing and presenting an application are also essential parts of the Write Right project. Children can benefit from education not only at schools but everywhere, and the education process continues in the best possible way.
Besides, Write Right includes a unique product package and application for children with learning disabilities. As a noteworthy part of the statistical population, this group of students has minimal facilities and teaching aids, and there are always many concerns about their education. As one of the few companies, our company has defined this mission to prepare this unique product for them.

How does Write Right Application work?
The Write Right application is a game in which children can play, write English letters and practice learning English.
They can learn a lot about the alphabet, words, sounds, meanings, dictation, and play a game simultaneously.

How to download the Write Right Application?
Check out the link to our game application on our website and enjoy playing and learning simultaneously.
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