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New article is coming soon.

Remain informed and visit our website to access our most recent article detailing how the Write Right Game Application can aid in enhancing your children's English language acquisition. Stay updated on our platform for relevant content regarding this innovative tool and its benefits for young learners.#canada #writeright #article #game #application #read #new #startup

Covid and Write Right

Envision a scenario without technological advancements amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With school closures and educational institutions waning, Write Right emerged as a pioneering startup that supported students and learners, ensuring continuity in their educational journey. Employing an innovative approach, our startup has consistently prioritized the safety, security, and knowledge enhancement of its users. As we navigate...

Where to next?

Al Quoz, known in Emirati Arabic, is a district within the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, situated in the western region. It is bounded to the north by Al Wasl and to the west by Umm Al Sheif, Al Manara, and Al Safa, forming an elongated area between Al Khail and Sheikh Zayed roads.Write Right company has resolved to showcase its work, services, and upcoming products in this remarkable locale. Your kindness and patience are greatly valued. Additional...

First goal in Dubai is getting close.

Greetings! In our recent communication, we elaborated on our endeavours and aspirations in Dubai. It is with great honour and pride that we announce the realization of our initial objective in the Emirates. The Mohammed bin Rashid Public Library stands as a prominent institution in Dubai. Our CEO, Mohammad Khaled Feizi, has successfully introduced Write Right Packages to this esteemed organization, engaging in productive discussions with key stakehol...

Happy Easter!

Wishing a joyful Easter to all members of the Write Right family! May you have a weekend filled with love.Our efforts are dedicated to providing you with excellence and the finest services. #writeright #canada #happy #easter #english #children #educational

Our patent is filed now.

Write Right has effectively renewed its patent in Canada. For numerous years, we have pioneered a distinctive concept and methodology! Our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported us throughout this journey. Collectively, we will continue to achieve remarkable milestones in the years ahead. Stay connected with us.#writeright #canada #company #patent #english #refile #toronto #startup #educational

Another update!

In addition to showcasing our products, we will also be present in Dubai next week. Stay connected for further information and updates.#writeright #canada #dubai #products #english #children #skills #update

Shopping for Write Right, easier than ever.

We have made a strategic decision to enhance accessibility to our products for your convenience. Write Right physical packages will be featured at additional book booths and shows this spring! Stay tuned for our forthcoming post to learn more about how to access them.#writeright #packages #book #bookstores #bookshows #booth #physical #english #children #canada

Back from the break.

We recently took a break for the new year and are now resuming with a plethora of exciting ideas and strategies.Stay updated on our plans for this season by connecting with us on LinkedIn and visiting our website.#spring #writeright #canada #break #plans #ideas #application #game

Happy Nowrouz!

We are proud and honoured to celebrate the Persian New Year with you all. May this new year bring us love and freedom.  #writeright #Canada #Persian #newyear #2023 #1402 #startup #happy  

Latest news on our sales

 Hello, friends! Write Right has fantastic news. We are thrilled and honoured to make this announcement. Our sales have achieved remarkable levels in Canada and various other nations. Consequently, we have chosen to expand our market presence to a global scale. We invite your enthusiastic support and love as we seek universal ambassadors to represent our company and its services across multiple countries worldwide. For those actively engaged in...

Great news!

Exceptional news to share! Moving forward, you can conveniently order your packages through our website at Additionally, you can purchase them personally at your local bookstores and children's education centers, eliminating the need for shipping costs! Stay connected for more exciting updates.

Weekly meetings with Write Right.

 Based on our weekly meetings, recent assessments, valuable feedback received, and expert consultations, Write Right has resolved to initiate tangible actions for its website. Our forthcoming endeavours will encompass integrating new features, debugging processes, design enhancements, and overall website refinement. We encourage you to stay attentive to upcoming information and insights. We eagerly anticipate sharing our outcomes with you as one...

Thank you all.

 Write Right expresses its profound gratitude to each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions! Your unwavering strength, love, and dedication are commendable to all the remarkable women out there. Wishing you a Happy International Women's Day!  #writeright #Canada #startup

give us a call.

 If you have inquiries or comments, require information, or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our proficient experts in Canada are at your disposal and prepared to assist you with any queries. To reach out to us via phone, you can conveniently locate our contact number on our website or fill out our newsletter form to schedule a call with our team. Rely on us to deliver; initiate a call today.  #writeright #Canada #st...

Hello, volunteers!

 Your presence is eagerly anticipated by our children and communities! We believe we can effect meaningful change in supporting children and meeting their educational needs through collective efforts.Write Right has long been committed to charitable initiatives and volunteerism, and we appreciate your observance of our progress along this invaluable journey. The time has come for you to join us, should you be inclined! If you possess the experti...

This is more than just a game.

Write Right Game Application isn't only a game, but it's a perfect combination of childish scenarios, English reading and writing skills, and technology. This innovative methodology helps your children to learn the English alphabet initially, and then simple words, complicated words, and finally, short meaningful sentences.The most crucial thing in this game is the struggling letters!This is what makes Write Right different and your kid's future brighter.T...

Write Right and Lobbyist

 Our firm's fiscal year update has been successfully processed, and we have received our registration number from the Toronto Lobbyist Registrars. This signifies that Write Right is now formally recognized as an integral part of participatory democracy. We believe that lobbying plays a vital role in fostering effective governance and business operations. The current framework at Write Right ensures transparency through the public disclosure of l...

Write Right has news.

 A pivotal meeting between our board members and the application manufacturer team is imminent. After this meeting, the finalized version of Write Right will be made available for your unrestricted usage, signifying the latest software release. You can rest assured that you will access the optimal application version. Stay tuned for further announcements and download links. #writeright #Canada #application #game #English #meeting #startup #Linke...

Our awards in 2022!

Our accomplishments in 2022! We are deeply honoured and appreciative of the many prestigious awards and acknowledgments bestowed upon us. Sharing our journey, accolades, and prestige with our esteemed followers brings us immense joy. Our dedicated team has compiled a segment of our remarkable achievements in 2022: 1.      Gold Medal Prize and Certificate by EUROINVENT 2022 (Iasi, Romania) 2.     ...

What a fantastic business year it was.

What an exceptional business year it has been. The presence and partnership we shared with you were truly invaluable throughout the past year. It would be regrettable not to retain a keepsake to reminisce about the remarkable events that unfolded. Fret not, for we have devised a remarkable plan for you. Stay connected and make a point to peruse our page and website to review our annual accomplishments. We accomplished so much together, and it is only...

Merry Christmas.

Season's greetings to you!#writeright #canada #startup #christmas #event #english #children #congrats #educational

Write Right, Costi, Crowne Plaza.

The partnership between Write Right and Costi has been cultivated over a period of time. Our joint endeavours aim to address the linguistic needs of Canadian refugees and newcomers through specialized services. Our second event was recently hosted at Crowne Plaza to further this commitment. For additional insights on our preceding events, please refer to our website at #event #writeright #costi #charity #refugees #Canada #startup #Eng...

We stand by our children.

We advocate for our children. Write Right, dedicated to every child! Write Right aspires to serve as a beacon of inspiration and assistance for children who have faced adversity. Our vision is to illuminate a path toward brighter days for these determined young spirits. Children seeking refuge in a new homeland are in critical need of educational support and skill development. Write Right endeavours to pave the way for a promising future for the n...

Our Weekly Meeting Update: Greetings.

 We reconvene to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the outcomes of our latest meeting. As part of our strategic direction, notable enhancements are earmarked for our website. In pursuit of developing a user-friendly online platform, collaboration with our website designers and graphic experts is imperative for effective task management. Further details regarding this project will be communicated at a later time. Stay connected for for...

Write Right Game is out.

Our company has successfully marketed over one hundred Write Right physical packages recently. We are delighted to offer one of the leading and functionally beneficial educational products loved by young learners and parents. Write Right is sincerely grateful for the trust and support extended to us. Let us continue to foster greater knowledge and experience together on this path. #Canada #educational #WriteRight #physicalpackages #writingskills

Write Right in TechEx.

Write Right participated in Spark Center's latest event, TechEx, on Tuesday, 15 November. The event, held in collaboration with Do It in Durham, showcased various startups and companies. Among the notable attendees were Coursana Canada, BlokSec Technologies, Kevares, First300, and others. We are deeply honoured and appreciative to have been included in this esteemed event. A special thank you to Spark Center for this exceptional opportunity! #writ...

Special awards for Mr. Feizi.

Congratulations, Mohammad. Write Right highly values your diligent, persistent, and motivational efforts. Your contribution is invaluable, and we anticipate a future filled with exceptional opportunities for both you and the Write Right Company.

Thank you, Beirut.

Write Right takes great joy and pride in announcing its accomplishments at the Beirut International Innovation Show.Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2022 is positioned to elevate as a premier global platform for Innovators, Inventors, and Investors, heavily emphasizing Technology Transfer and Research valorization.For additional information and specifics, kindly visit our website linked in our profile.

Write Right game application is in safe hands.

We are thrilled to share some exciting news! Our Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Kharazmi, and our Application team convened a meeting earlier this week to deliberate on the recently integrated features, advancements, and the newly refined design of the Write Right Game Application. The forthcoming version will be released shortly, so stay tuned to be among the first players to experience it. As always, we value and appreciate the feedback and comments...

New Award from Turkey.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the esteemed Jury members of the Turkish Inventors Association for selecting our company for their Special Award and bestowing us with this distinguished honour. This recognition marks a significant milestone for us, representing the culmination of years of dedicated efforts to reach this prestigious platform. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that our journey was not undertaken in solitude; we were a...

Happy Canada Day.

Write Right extends its best wishes for a "Happy Canada Day 2022" as the nation celebrates its 155th Birthday on the 1st of July. We send warm regards to all and encourage you to enjoy a delightful time with your loved ones. Let us raise a toast to our independence and the continuous growth and prosperity of our beloved country.

We are officially Patented.

We extend our gratitude to all individuals for the invaluable affirmation of our patent following years of pioneering innovative methodologies in English education for young Canadian learners and children with Special Needs. This acknowledgment comes at a significant juncture and is greatly appreciated. We sincerely thank all who have supported and valued our ideas and strategies.

New award achieved by Write Right.

The Macao International Innovation & Invention Contest is the premier and exclusive public platform showcasing various inventions, novel products, and innovations designed for licensing, marketing, or cooperative manufacturing. We are pleased to express our gratitude on this significant and monumental occasion in our professional trajectory. Receiving this accolade from Macao is a momentous honour for us at Write Right. We are profoundly privileg...

A new special one goes to Write Right.

It brings us immense joy to announce that the latest edition of TISIAS with iCAN 3 has been hailed as the most remarkable. Concurrently, TISIAS members have soared great heights in Macau, Japan, and Macedonia, securing numerous prizes and awards. Furthermore, Write Right has been granted the esteemed Special Award by the Toronto International Society, adding to the accolades garnered during this exceptional event.

We haven't stopped winning yet.

Write Right has securely received the EUROINVENT 2022 Diploma of Excellence and the Certificate of Attendance. We express our gratitude to all individuals who contributed to our success in obtaining these accolades and extend our appreciation by sharing these honors with our supporters. May these significant achievements further enhance our professionalism and trustworthiness as we strive to deliver our best services.

Happy Father's day.

Warm Father's Day wishes to fathers around the world! Your unwavering support is truly appreciated. Write Right is dedicated to providing optimal experiences and outcomes for you as we strive to create the most positive impact possible.

Endless season of success for Write Right.

The Romanian Inventors Forum is a specialized professional association promoting innovation and creativity. It actively supports the valorization of scientific and technical creative endeavours and addresses cultural-artistic and copyright-related issues for its members. Additionally, the forum encourages diversification in research, technological development, design, scientific inquiry, and micro-production, among other areas. We are elated to...

Mission accomplished!

Write Right has received its certificate today. We are committed to sharing our most joyful news with our esteemed followers. Please stay connected as we have further updates to share with you in the near future.

One more time, we are the winner.

Indonesia Inventors Day 2022 is a global platform for inventors and researchers to showcase their creations. This event aims to acknowledge individuals devoted to generating novel and impactful ideas beneficial to society and the world. The Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) has conferred the Special Award upon Write Right Company. Our team is deeply honoured and elated to receive this esteemed Certificate and valuable...

Write Right receives another award.

We take great pride and honour in sharing the news of our distinguished recognition with the Leading Innovation Award. The European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation attracted the participation of over 660 entries from 28 different countries. The Euroinvent Festival commenced on 26 May, featuring live broadcasts of events on Facebook and Zoom. An esteemed panel of specialists from various fields comprised the Jury, consisting of Romanian and In...

Second Award for Write Right!

The 15th-anniversary INTARG® 2022 International Invention and Innovation Show, hosted at, took place from 11 to 12 May. This esteemed exhibition was held at Katowice Spodek/International Congress Centre with a simultaneous live broadcast. The Show serves as a platform for presenting innovations across various industries and sectors, reflecting mutual interests shared between Write Right and the Show—ranging from education to consumer...


The 15th-anniversary INTARG® 2022 International Invention and Innovation Show for Inventions and Innovations, accessible at, took place from 11 to 12 May. Write Right is thrilled to declare that the company has been awarded the Gold Medal Prize at this prestigious exhibition. We extend our sincere gratitude to all those who contributed to this achievement and kindly request your continued attention for more positive updates from W...

Write Right Game Count Down

You will have the opportunity to learn English and interact with us interactively over 15 days.

Providing better education for learners together

Our commitment lies in delivering excellence.

Write Right × Little Owl

 Companies are congregating in Canada. 

Count down for Write Right Game

The Write Right Tech-based Game Application will be launched shortly. 

Happy Women's Day.

Write Right extends its best wishes to all women on this day. 

The Cooperation Goes On With Little Owl.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to our esteemed board member, Farhnaz, for her dedication in following up on visits and interactions. Stay informed about the latest developments by staying connected with "Write Right" and "Little Owl Private School."

Our Board Member's Participation In Expo Dubai

We seize opportunities with diligence, ensuring not to overlook valuable prospects. We extend our gratitude to Expo for enriching the realms of education and commerce.

New Partnership For Write Right

Engaging in business ventures through valuable partnerships is always a rewarding endeavor. Our collaboration with Little Owl marks a promising beginning.

Write Right and Expo Dubai

We have remarkable news in store for you, so please stay tuned for updates!

Application count down

Exciting developments are underway! The countdown for our application has commenced, with the option to download and install it available until the conclusion of March. We encourage you to stay updated for further announcements.

Good news from Write Right application

Today, Mr. Feizi held a virtual meeting with the application development team to review the progress of the project. Excitingly, three stages of the application have been conceptualized, with plans for students to utilize the digital platform alongside our physical packages in the near future.We encourage you to stay informed for further updates on the Write Right application.

We do our best for you.

Members of Write Right are actively participating in online educational sessions via Zoom to enhance their skills and expertise. We aim to deliver optimal outcomes for our community.

Write Right is hiring.

There is currently an available position at Write Right that may be of interest to you. If you meet the qualifications and wish to apply, please reach out to us through our social media channels. Kindly submit your resume for consideration, and our team will contact you accordingly.

Order and Receive

Write Right offers online delivery services for our esteemed customers. To place an order, kindly visit the "Packages" section on our website.

Partner ship with Coursana

It is our pleasure to announce the collaboration between Write Right and Coursana.

Write Right for refugees

Our team has decided to give educational packages as a free beneficial act to your organization in order to develop English writing skills among the none-native refugees.Since our packages consist an innovative methodology which is able to help young learners and children with special needs to learn English from at early ages, this could be a great opportunity for refugee children to learn English with the easiest way.The languages spoken by refugees are v...

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Disability is an undeniable fact and a universal event nowadays. According to WHO, 15% of world’s population...

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English is the most important way of communication among the people in the world nowadays. To know the right...

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Write Right has proven to be immensely beneficial for my son. The process of utilizing the packages is not only straightforward and enjoyable but also enables independent learning, allowing him to grasp the lessons effectively.

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As many parents and children, we also had many issues while learning struggling letters such as b, d, p and q. Write right made everything easier in a short time.

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There have been amazing improvements after using the second and third package in my children's learning process. If you want to raise a bilingual child, the best English learning tool for you is Write Right.

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I have a 5 years old which hasn't attended school yet. I wanted her to learn the basics and structures before going to school. Write Right helped me so much to teach her in a fun way that doesn't bore young children.

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