28 Sep

Write Right and Costi

Write Right is an innovative educational company devoted to you learners and newcomers in Canada. 
As a part of our supportive charity chores, our team has planned to provide free educational services for immigrants and refugees. 
We initially had the introductions back at home, did some mailings with the UN, and found the most appropriate charity to cooperate with.
Costi is a community and nonprofit organization that helps immigrants with social services, employment, and educational settlement. 
We had several meetings and decided to have an event in Crowne Plaza to present the company, packages, and services. 
Hundreds of refugees and immigrants from different countries participated in this event.
Also, our Chief Operating Officer,  Farahnaz, was there in person and other board members attended virtually to celebrate this occasion with everyone. 
Write Right will donate 10 Write Right packages no.1, 10 Write Right package no.2, and 200 free applications to this organization as the first step.
That's only the beginning. Our cooperation with Costi will continue, and more fantastic news will be shared with you.
For more information and details, please stay tuned and visit our platforms on social media.