Teaching English to children and students with learning disabilities, Autism and ADHD by “Write Right”

Disability is an undeniable fact and a universal event nowadays. According to WHO, 15% of world’s population are dealing with a type of disability or disorder.

Ignoring this minority in the world means losing a huge amount of potentials which can help us develop a stable society and prevent more issues.


        Learning disability is a type of mental disorder. Children with learning disabilities have a normal amount of inelegancy but have issues in writing, reading and mathematics calculations.

These disabilities are curable and can be solved with specialized trainings.

In total problems such as inverted reading, inverted writing and lack of comprehension are visible in children with learning disorders and this causes them to be uninterested and unmotivated about education.


       “Write Right” is one of the tools which is designed to solve writing and reading problems in English. Since children with learning disabilities do not have enough attention and concentration and often misdiagnose letters and words, Wright Right uses different senses and different solutions in order to help these children to correctly recognize the right letters and use them properly and stabilize learning in these children.

       In addition to the psychological, emotional and social consequences that loss of hearing brings to children, it has affection on their learning process. The main problem of learning in these children is inability to talk, behave and also difficulties in reading and writing.


      By using “Write Right” children with visual and hearing disorders can improve their problems in writing and reading such as inverted reading or writing, lack of interest, lack of concentration, limitation in vocabulary, inability to make complete sentences and lack of being illustrative, clear and expressive in their social interactions. 


Written by Dr. Fattaneh amiri

PHD of creativity in children with disabilities